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Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay Taylor

Taking the abundant beauty and untamed, intricate shapes of the natural world as her inspiration, Lindsay works predominantly in three dimensions, manipulating her contemporary, three dimensional embroidery into organic forms.

Her studio is located at the edge of a large forest on the Isle of Wight, an ideal environment for any artist fascinated by the native fauna and flora that inhabit Britain's woodland and rural landscapes. Here her textile work takes shape and associations weave together. Wild flowers, climbing plants along with the dappled forest floor provide enchantment that makes large the world of the small, and transforms the ordinary into unexpected objects to delight and amaze. A common plant becomes the inspiration for a beautiful cushion, a familiar flower turns teacup, and dried autumnal leaves shape themselves into a fabulous fabric.

For the past eight years Lindsay has been creating one-off art pieces that have been exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. Her practice has evolved over time and her art form is self-developed. But her lightbulb moment came while working on her coffee table book Embroidered Art with Island photographer Julie Yeo. Seeing Julie's beautiful images of her embroidery made her realise that, these images themselves would indeed transform into surface decorations. The photographs could be used on ceramics, fabrics and wall coverings. The intricate detail of the interlocking stitches would come to life, and only now, with the advanced technology in digital printing, is it possible to place photographic images onto surfaces. Designers are now able to work using thousands of colours, with a high level of detail not possible with traditional screen printing.

Now it is time to start manufacturing once again in Britain and it is Lindsay's dream to use only British companies to produce her bespoke products.

This is such an exciting future, fusing the ancient craft of embroidery with cutting edge art technology. Like any creative venture that takes the natural world as its cue, Lindsay's work is ever-evolving, limited only by her imagination, and thus there appear to be unlimited possibilities.

Julie Yeo

Julie Yeo

Julie has enjoyed the art of crafting since a little girl and it was inevitable that she would do something creative in her life. Attention to detail is Julie's trademark. She started selling hand-stitched exquisite miniature teddy bears, made with minute precision, while bringing up a family before she enrolled on a three-year photography course. For the first time she could combine all her creative skills with her newly acquired technical skills. Julie loves to mix traditional and modern forms of photography from camera-less images, exposing a delicate petal or leaf onto traditional photographic paper and exposing it to sunlight to make a lumen print, to the latest digital technology available.

Keiron LeVine

Keiron LeVine

Keiron LeVine, also known by the moniker KLV, is an interdisciplinary artist with fauna and flora at the heart of all he creates. A First class Illustration graduate, KLV prefers collage – both digital and handmade – as his medium. He has since undergone millinery training and creates wearable art pieces for fashion and fine art purposes. In both his graphic and millinery work, the natural theme flows free. This comes from the strong belief in the importance of animal portrayal in all art forms. KLV believes that applying nature to art is fundamental in keeping our bond with the earth, actively connecting with other visual artists who do so.

KLV has immersed himself in a world of animal symbolism. He is a contributor for online platform Another Africa where he is currently investigating how other contemporary artists are conveying their voice through animals. This research has lead to studies in Anthropology at Oxford from which he intends to pursue Anthrozoology. This written aspect of KLV's work feeds the visual and opens up new avenues to explore our relationship with nature.

Adam Pearson

APV videographer

Island-based photographer and videographer Adam Pearson and his wife Debbie (pictured) launched APV services in 2006. Adam had initially trained as a photographer but has dabbled in video film since 1984 and felt there was a gap in the market for a videographer based on the island.

The team film and photograph family events, stage shows and corporate videos on the island and the British mainland. They have recently added to their repertoire with an audio branch of the business, creating original music for his films.

In 2008 Adam produced a 20Mb Doctor Who podcast, which has been listened to all over the world.