You can buy Lindsay's cushions here. The images on the cushions are prints from her original three-dimensional embroidery. The fabric is a heavyweight upholstery cotton velvet mix, woven and printed in England and sewn into cushions on the Isle of Wight. They come in four different sizes. The black cushions have a plain black velvet backing while the grey cushions have a plain grey velvet backing. All cushions have duck down pads, which are over-filled to prevent the velvet pile from crushing and to keep them permanently plump.

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  • Butterfly (black background)
  • Dutch Masters
  • Iris
  • Parrot Tulips
  • Poppy
  • Rosa Mundi
  • Delphinium (black background)
  • Delphinium (grey background)
  • Foxglove (black background)
  • Foxglove (grey background)
  • Hollyhock (black background)
  • Hollyhock (grey background)
  • Mullein (black background)
  • Mullein (grey background)
  • Thistle
  • Butterfly (black background) - long
  • Butterfly (grey background) - long
  • Lily (long cushion)
  • Nasturtiums (long cushion)
  • Pansy (long cushion)
  • Parrot Tulips (long cushion)
  • Poppy (long cushion)

Fabric and Wallpaper

You can buy fabric and wallpaper based on some of Lindsay's designs here. Heavy weight, high quality digitally printed fabric and paper highlight the beauty of three-dimensional embroidery, showing to great effect the thousands of linking stitches and the hand sculptured embroidered art, to create something truly stunning. Each design has been printed in two different sizes, small and large.

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  • Butterfly (black background) large
  • Butterfly (grey background) large
  • Butterfly (black background) small
  • Butterfly (grey background) small
  • Dutch Masters large
  • Dutch Masters small
Examples in use
Dutch Masters screen Butterflies screen


You can buy unique pieces of furniture upholstered with some of Lindsay's designs here. This is vintage furniture sourced and professionally re-upholstered to the highest standards to create bespoke pieces. Each piece is taken back to the wooden frame with new furnishings. The fabric is match-resistant with a schedule 3 interlining.

Please contact me prior to buying so I can sort out a price for the logistics.

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  • Butterflies Armchair (Black)
  • Butterflies Armchair (Grey)


You can buy Lindsay's publications here.

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  • Lindsay Taylor - Embroidered Art