The images on the cushions are prints from Lindsay's original three-dimensional embroidery. The fabric is a heavyweight upholstery cotton velvet mix, woven and printed in England and sewn into cushions on the Isle of Wight. They come in four different sizes. The black cushions have a plain black velvet backing while the grey cushions have a plain grey velvet backing. All cushions have duck down pads, which are over-filled to prevent the velvet pile from crushing and to keep them permanently plump.

Butterfly (black background)
Butterfly (black background)
Small (41 cm x 41 cm):£90 + £5 p&p
Large (65 cm x 65 cm):£150 + £8 p&p
Other versions of this design
Butterfly (black background) - long
Butterfly (black background) - long
Small (31 cm x 51 cm):£90 + £5 p&p
Butterfly (black background) - long large
Large (45 cm x 59 cm):£115 + £6 p&p

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The cushions are made to order and will be dispatched within 2-3 weeks.
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